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Auto-Packaging Film

Auto-Packaging Film

Auto-Packaging Film — Roll film does not have a clear and strict definition in the packaging industry.

For packaging manufacturers, There is only one less process than the production of finished bags.

The material of the film is the same as the plastic bag.

Auto-Packaging roll film includes: PVC shrink film roll, Opp roll film, PE roll film, PET protective film, Composite roll film.The lamination film includes: Transparent lamination film; Printed aluminum foil lamination film.

Auto-Packaging Film —Widely applied in snack food, sauce and paste, powder, daily chemical products, The Auto-packing films are characteristic of excellent barrier property, low temperature and fast sealing property and cooperate excellently with different Auto-packing machines and form fill seal( FFS)machines.

Different Kind of Machines for Auto-Packaging Film Information

The Automatic packaging film is used in automatic packaging machines.

The film is also divided into the following two types due to different packaging methods:

1.Lamination film: Generally used for vertical machines or pillow type machines.

For example, common small package coffee bags, 5g sugar bags, bagged shampoos, wipes, etc.

2.Cup lid film: generally used for ordinary sealing machine, such as common tea cup, soy milk, porridge or fruit juice, etc.

Because the material Lamination of the film is not the same, That’s why  the materials used are also different,

But the overall use of film packaging costs relatively low, Customers only need to buy the automatic packaging machine.

The main advantage of film wrapping in the packaging industry :

The cost savings of the entire packaging process.

Roll film is applied to automatic packaging machinery without packaging production enterprises to do any sealing work.The machine can seal up the product at one time.

Therefore, the packaging manufacturer only needs to perform the printing operation, and due to the supply of the roll, the transportation cost also decreases.

The appearance of the roll film simplifies the entire process of plastic packaging:

It is divided into three major steps such as :printing film and transportation products and machine packaging.

This greatly simplifies the packaging process and reduces the cost of the entire industry. It is the first choice for small packaging.

Manufacturer :

Professional production: Compound packing bag, Plastic roll film, Kraft paper Pouch,Vacuum bag, Aluminum foil bag, Spout pouch, Shape bag etc.

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