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Pets Pouch—Analyze the integrity and advantages of pets food packaging bags.

Pets Pouch

Pets Pouch—Pets are considered as one of family members in many homes; They are pampered and spoiled just like any child would be. The market for pet food products has become so vast that the only way to distinguish ,

Your product would be by packaging your brand in a way that clearly addresses the difference,

And one which caters for your products requirements.

Pets food generally contains Protein,Fat, Amino acids, Minerals, Crude fiber, Vitamins and so on.

These ingredients also provide good breeding conditions for microorganisms.Therefore,

It to ensure the nutritional value of pet food and prolong shelf life, It is necessary to inhibit microbial activity.

Microorganisms depend on three factors: ambient temperature, oxygen and water.

In the shelf life, The oxygen and moisture content in the packaging is more dependent on the integrity and barrier properties of pet food packaging bags.Among them, The integrity of packaging has the most direct impact on shelf life.

Pets food packaging is to protect food, To prevent spoilage and dampness in food,

First .Extend the life of the food as long as possible, And also to think about the quality of the food,

Second, The product (Pets bags) of application of convenient, It is easy to carry ,When you go out with a pet, You can feed your pet at any time, In addition, Pets bags appearance is more beautiful. Moreover, The price of this bags is not very high, It can be bought in the pets food store, It is light and easy to carry.

Different kind of pets Packaging for choice :

More common pets food packaging in the market: Flexible plastic packaging pets pouch, Stand up with zipper pets pouch,Composite plastic packaging pets pouch, Kraft paper plastic packaging pets  pouch , Aluminum plastic packaging pets pouch and Tin Packaging pets cans Etc . 

No matter which type of packaging, The integrity of the packaging is very important.If the packaging has pores or leaks, oxygen and water vapor will enter the packaging bag, It resulting in a qualitative change in pet food.The integrity of the packaging is easy to appear in the packing bag of the hot seal, the drum cover of the container and other materials.

Currently, Pets food packaging style is common in the market: Flat bottom zipper pets pouch. Stand up with zipper pets pouch .Middle seal with organ pets pouch. Middle seal pets pouch ,Auto Packaging roll Film Pets bags , Tin cans pouch etc .

Actually the most commonly used for stand up with zipper composite flexible Package pouch ,The composite structure can effectively improve the loading capacity and barrier properties of the package.

Pets food wrappers bring delicious food to your pets .It keep the small bags for people easy to carry.

More detail Information about Pets in detail Information

For the vast number of manufacturers: The low cost of the bags can get you bigger profits and facilitate sales volume is not large, So it easy to carry around in your life,

By the way,This kind of pet food bags value is relatively high, Especially its use value.

But Bags bring new food for your pet have a nice day.Because of this packaging, our pets become more lovely.

Pets food packaging bag in our pet family also brought a lot of convenience.Finally,

We must pay attention to the pet food is complete,

There is no doubt that under the action of oxygen in the air and water  if the packing is not complete,

Because pets food easily gone mouldy and nutrient will be lost.

When consumers buy food for their pets, Be sure to check the integrity of pet food packaging bags.