Food Packaging Pouch
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Food Packaging Pouch —What kind of style food packaging pouch client for choice?

Food Packaging Pouch

Food Packaging Pouch—They are some of the most popular bags in food packaging.

Such as :Centered seal bags, Side Gusset bags, 3 sides seal bags, Multi material laminated structure.Can extend the shelf life of products, With good printing and decoration effect.

Below have three style Packaging for client choice it :

Full Color Printing

Custom Printed Bags are the best packaging solution if your company has a large amount of product to move or you have a complex package design. We can print maximum 10 colors! The printing of your design will look as sharp as it is in your computer!

Custom printed bags can be fully printed from edge to edge with a single or multi-color process. This high-definition custom printing process produces excellent quality results that will make your product eye-catching and unmistakable on store shelves. Your product can be the star of the coffee, tea or pet food aisle and far outshine those dreary brown bags with one color printing on the label. No matter what your product is, the appeal of these custom printed bags is undeniable!

Label Printing & Application

Labels are convenient and cost-effective specially when you don’t want to pay high cost of cylinders for those various designs! Its good choice for business starters and save money!  We can print single color or multi-color on labels and cut them into custom shape as well!

Combined with our stock bags, It will save a lot of money for your products when you only want few hundred of bags into different designs!

The high quality look, material and adhesive of these labels will give you a competitive edge in your marketing strategy. You can design the labels to show your product to it’s full advantage on store shelves. The only limit is your own creativity!

Hot Stamp Printing

Hot Stamp Printing is the perfect packaging solution for short runs, special offers, upcoming events, holidays, and research & development test-marketing projects.

The Hot Stamp Printing process allows for a simple, uncomplicated one to two color printing run with a fast turnaround time.

Only 7 – 10 days is needed to print and it inspect (QC) and ship the average minimum order.

Hot Stamp Printing is mainly applied by gold foil so the color looks metallic!

It was used to be completed manually but starting this year,

But  we have introduced the pouch machine with gold foil stamping automatically!

So for large run the cost can be reduced dramatically and the lead time is faster too!

One of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers in China  Our factory off different kind of food packaging pouch such as:

Flat Bottom Bags,Side Gusset Bags, Shaped Spout Pouch, Stand Up Pouch, Aluminum Foil Coffee Pouch and different kind of  Pets Food Bags.

All of these products are avalable to be customized.

If you are interesting our company new products catalog also . Please help to contact with us soon !!!

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Then We will offer more competitive products price for you.