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Different Packaging Matters for clients ?

Packaging Pouch

Packaging Pouch— The stand up pouch provides consumers with market-friendly features like zipper reclosure and Tear notches. The versatility of hand hole features and keep Strong shelf presence .

The pouch feature :With excellent sterilization feasibility.Low temperature Storage availability and barrier property.

 Auto Packaging Film —Widely applied in snack food, sauce and paste, powder, daily chemical products, our auto packing films are characteristic of excellent barrier property, Low temperature and fast sealing property and cooperate excellently with different auto packing machines and form fill seal( FFS)machines.

Sustainability,Cost-effective packaging solutions that also improve the environment.

Compared with rigid bottles, plastic pouches:



Food Waste Reduction

60% of all household food waste results from products being perishable or having a short shelf life. Our packaging extends shelf life to reduce food waste. All of this food waste accounts for:


Industrial Waste Reduction

1.)We work with customers to produce films and packages that provide optimal means for source reduction and in turn help them to produce a product that is more sustainable.

2.)In addition to recycling all of our industrial scrap,  Then we engage in post consumer recycling opportunities. What would normally be considered waste is made into containers, park benches, pallets and plastic bags.

3.)We track our water, refuge and energy use daily to help us further reduce our carbon footprint.

4.)We team up with other organizations to aid in research and development for continued innovation of packaging to further shelf life, reduce food waste and curb greenhouse gas emissions and resources lost to food waste.

Different Kind Of Food Packaging for Choice.

One of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers in China ,

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Our factory off different kind of Products such as :

#Auto Packaging Snack Film

#Chips inflatable film

#Coffee powder Plastic Film

#Kraft paper candy Pouch

#Spout juice Pouch

#Aluminum Foil Retort Pouch

#Liquid Stand Up Pouch

#Rice vacuum Bags

#Pets food flat bottom pouch

#Electronic Packing bag

#Clothes Plastic pouch Etc.

All of these products are avalable to be customized.

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