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Tea Pouch–How To Select The Best Packaging Mean For Your Tea

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Why We Need To Select Proper Packaging Means For Your Tea ?

Tea is a dry product that is highly hygroscopic to go metamorphism . It has a strong adsorption of moisture and odor, and the aroma is extremely volatile. When the tea is not properly stored, under the action of factors such as moisture, temperature and humidity, light and oxygen, it will cause adverse biochemical reactions and microbial activities, which will lead to changes in the quality of the tea. Therefore, there are always requirements on what kind of packaging containers to be used for your tea storage?


What Kind Of Packaging Means Are We Using Today For Tea ?

The tea packaging mainly includes tin tea cans, tinplate tea cans, ceramic tea cans, glass tea cans, flexible tea packagings and more. Flexible tea packaging are popular by public because it’s economical, small size, exquisite printing and convenient shipping.

Main Means For Tea Packaging

1. The Metal Can Packaging:  Excellent in anti-breakage, moisture-proof and sealing performance, and is an ideal packaging for tea. Metal cans are generally made of tin-plated steel sheets, which are square and cylindrical, and are covered with a single layer cover and a double layer cover. There are two types of general tanks and sealed tanks. In the packaging technology processing, the general tank can be enclosed in a deoxidizer packaging method to remove oxygen in the package.

Sealed tanks are mostly inflated and vacuum packed. The metal can is superior to the composite film in the protection of the tea, and the appearance is beautiful and noble. The disadvantage is that the packaging cost is high, the weight ratio of the package to the commodity is high, and the transportation cost is increased. The exquisitely designed metal cans are suitable for the packaging of high-grade tea.

2. The Paper Box Packaging:  Formed by printing on white paper, gray board paper, etc. The carton package is easy to break and the shading performance is excellent. In order to solve the volatilization of the tea leaves in the carton packaging and to avoid the external odor, the tea leaves are generally packed in polyethylene plastic bags and then loaded into the carton.

The disadvantage of carton packaging is that it is easy to get wet. Nowadays, the paper-plastic composite packaging box has been used to overcome the problem that the carton is susceptible to moisture. This kind of packaging box made of plastic film layer or cardboard coated with moisture-proof coating is used as packaging material. The utility model has the functions of packaging the composite film bag, and has the properties of protection and rigidity of the carton package. If a plastic bag is used as a small bag inside, the protective effect is better.

3. The Plastic Packaging:  Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other plastic molding containers have the characteristics of generous, beautiful, and good packaging display effect, but their sealing performance is poor. They are mostly used as outer packaging in tea packaging, and multi-purpose composite plastic bags are used in the packaging. Package.

4. The Plastic Lamination Packaging:  Has many advantages such as light weight, not easy to break, good heat sealability and reasonable price, and is widely used in packaging. There are many kinds of composite films for tea packaging, such as moisture-proof cellophane/polyethylene/paper/aluminum foil/polyethylene, biaxially oriented polypropylene/aluminum foil/polyethylene, polyethylene/polyvinylidene chloride/polyethylene, etc. The composite film has excellent gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, aroma retention, odor prevention and the like. Since most plastic films have a light transmittance of 80% to 90%, in order to reduce the transmittance, ultraviolet light suppression can be added to the packaging material or the light transmittance can be reduced by printing or coloring.

In addition, a composite material based on an aluminum foil or a vacuum aluminized film may be used for the light-shielding packaging. The aluminum foil composite packaging bag is made of metal aluminum, and the metal barrier property of the composite plastic film is very practical and basically meets the requirements of the fragrance of the tea.

The composite film bag is packaged in a variety of forms, including a three-sided sealing shape, a self-standing bag shape, a folding shape, and the like. Packaging Because of the good printability of the composite film bag, it is used for sales packaging design, which has a unique effect on attracting customers and promoting tea sales.

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