Bag Styles For Choices

Three side seal bag

Stand up bag

Stand up zipper bag

Single web stand up bag

Middle seal bag

Middle seal with gusset bag

Square buttom bag


Square buttom with zipper bag

Quad seal bag


Single side seal with quad bag

Shaped Pouch

Shaped Pouch

Roll Film

Roll Film

Which style is best for your products

Products Name Special Detail Pictures
De-metallization Bag “De-metallization” is a distinctive packaging technique which different from the rest packaging, It stands out the customized window design, Utilize the reflective effect from the metalized material to expose the inner food product and the brand, coordinate with other special technique, The package will be higher grade. This technique is suitable for packing all kind of products.
Registered Matte Packaging Bag “Registered Matte Packaging” utilize special printing technique to provide matte and shiny printing joint on the same package. The matte varnish provides excellent papery effect and extrudes excellent visual effect that adds depth and realism to images. Compare with normal packaging, this technique help enhance brand and product exposition in chain shop It is a high grade packaging product.
Plastic &Paper Block Buttom Pouch “Plastic PaperBlock Bottom Pouch” is able to utilize the maximum packaging space. Its unique block bottom design and sealing technique ensure the excellent standing capability to the whole package effectively, coordinate with die cut window, hot stamping, it can be better to stand out the brand. It is suitable for packing loose product such as tea leaves, coffee bean, powder and other sweets product.
Shape Pouch “Shape Pouch” enables to provide all customized shape packaging, its novelty can attract consumers and incent their purchase desire, It is able to coor-dinate with other techniques(such as de-metalliz-ation, Hot Stamping) to enhance the brand image and increase selling point.
Flat Buttom Pouch “Flat Bottom Pouch” is able to utilize the packaging space maximum Its unique flat bottom design and forming technique ensure the excellent standing property to the whole package effectively, plus recloseable zipper, the package can be reused for many times, coordinate with de-metalized technique, die cut window and hot stamping, will stand out the brand further. It is suitable for packing pet food, coffee, and other candy products.
Rollstock Film “Rollstock film “ relies on scientific material structure, we can print up to 10 colors, the product has features of excellent printing and firm lamination. Its stable sealing property suits for all high speed HFFS or VFFS machines. We can also add other techniques(Cold Seal) to satisfy customers various packaging requirement.