General FAQS --What Can I Do ?

We only need basic information, which is add-ons types, pouch dimensions, color, designs, delivery point, and quantity.

We accept Adobe Illustrator, PSD or PDF. You can save the PDF from your set up and send us the artwork in PDF format. Make sure they are outlined, or you will need send all fonts use in design.

Before we print your film or pouches, we will send you a marked and color separate artwork proof with our signature and chops for your approval. After that, you will have to send a PO before the printing starts. You can request printing proof or finished products samples before mass production start.

You will get a custom designed package that best fits your choice along with a branded logo of your choice. We will ensure that all the necessary details will get fitted even if its an ingredient list or a UPC.

Our clients reserve the rights to make any changes regarding specifications, drawings, packaging, quantitative, specifications, methods of shipment or even the delivery schedule as to the goods ordered. The price difference or time difference in performance resulting from the changes will be equitably adjusted as well as confirmed in an agreement. However, we cannot make any changes in descriptions, specifications, drawings or even materials without the consent of our esteemed clients.

Yes. The full charges will be disclosed before you place your order.

Yes, we recommend that you try our pouches before you purchase them. This ensures that you get the right color, size and the design you desire. You can request both our exist samples or custom samples, custom samples may need charges. We will be glad to send it to you if you need. Kindly confirm your location and delivery point.

Please consider based on usage, functional, branding, and your budget, or you can always call or email us for best recommendation.

Our lead times will highly depend on the printing design and style required by our clients. But in most cases, our lead times lead timeline is between 2-4 weeks depends on quantity and payment. We make our shipment through air, express, and sea. We save between 15 to 30 days to deliver at your doorstep or nearby address. Enquire with us on the actual days of delivery to your premises, and we will give you the best quote possible.

All the printed bags are packed 50pcs or 100pcs one bundle in corrugated carton with wrapping film inside the cartons, with a label marked with bags general information outside the carton. Unless you have specifies otherwise, we reserve the rights to make changes on the carton packs to best accommodate any design, size, and pouch gauge. Please notice us if you can accept our company logos print outside the cartons.If need packed with pallets and stretch film we will notice you ahead, special pack requirements like pack 100pcs with individual bags please notice us ahead.

We accept T/T and Paypal. For further clarification or inquiry, kindly contact us.(Unfortunately, we do not accept payments in installments. Only twice payment at one order.)

We accept CIF, FOB, EXW, DDU, and others. Contact us for more details.

General FAQS --What Can I Got ?

Yes. You can send us the artwork, dimensions and pouch you are looking for. We will then approve or make recommendations on your artwork, send it to you. Once your artwork is accepted, our designers and engineers will retreat to make you the bags and pouches you anticipate for.

We provide a wide range of post-consumer materials and reusable materials. We also offer compostable pouches as well as non-plastic bags. Our company provides a wide range of custom laminating materials which can meet our clients’ diverse needs. Some of them are Matt-BOPP, BOPP, AL, PA, VMPTE(PETAL), Matt-PET, PET, PP, PE, LLPDE, Milk White PE, CPP, VMCPP(PETAL) and many others.

We highly recommend that you use aluminum foil materials for such purposes. However, we also give metalized films which work well with extreme sunlight. To protect your product from moisture, you can also use other materials such as polypropylene, nylon. Some coatings on our pouches come with the best moisture barrier.

Yes, you can. We make easy to open pouches and bags with add-on features such as the laser scoring or the tear tapes, tear notches, slide zippers and many others. If for one time use an easy peeling inner coffee pack, we also have that material for easy peeling purpose.

For certain unprinted pouches, 5000 pcs is the minimum quantity you can order. Normally we need 10000-20000pcs for printed pouch, very small bags will need 50000pcs for a start.

Some special size for stand up pouch, shaped pouch or window pouch, the spout pouch may need mold cost for bag-making, so did special punched holes may need mold cost. Any other special features may cause mold cost.

Normally 24-30 Months, or 1,000,000meters printing film guarantee.

The buyer can resell the pouches had purchased from us. However, in no event will the buyer be liable to us for any anticipated profits, consequential damages or other resells components.

We allow external inspectors. You can send 3rd party inspection before delivery, if any shortage we guarantee 100% replacement.

If your shipment delays, kindly contact us via our email and we will find out about the delays.

LiboPack guarantees 100% satisfaction on our services. Therefore, if you feel that you are not satisfied with our design or quality, we will rectify it to suit your desired outcome. Contact us and let us know the reasons why you are not happy.

We provide our customers with a comprehensive list of add-on features which include valves, zippers, vents, easy-tear notches, ergonomic handle, rounded corners, re-closable and punch holes. You can click on our add-on features and get more details for every feature you would like to have.

General FAQS --What Can You Offer ?

We print pouches up to 10 colors. We use rotogravure, flexo and digital printing.

We offer a clear window, tear notches, valves, euro punch holes, re-closable zipper ergonomic handles, and many others.

Yes. We have a sales agreement that has all the terms and conditions. By signing the contract, our client agrees to be bound by that agreement. You must go through the agreement well before making any payment.

All the images in LiboPack are flexible unless credited otherwise. All the printing rights are reserved.

Carbon dioxide is good to keep inside the package since it dilutes and reduces the amount of oxygen, thus, preserving food.

Yes! We use some biodegradable materials which are all eco-friendly.

We do deal with several pouches and Bags distributors across the USA and Europe.

No. we primarily supply printed and un-printed packages which are also custom-engineered. However, we work with multiple networks of packaging companies and can refer you to many of them which will provide the filling, sealing or forming services. Contact us for more information.

Yes, custom labels available. Call or email us to get more information about this.

Quality is our sole priority in the manufacturing industry. We value quality control from our very beginning of manufacturing to printing of our pouches. Our company has as well gained ISO, SGS, and ROHS authentication. Make sure all products are BPA free and FDA approval.

Want To Learn More?

• Collaborative and creative package design
• Latest color management software
• Color separations up to 200 line screen with 10 colors
• Automated plate mounting for precise registration
• Visualization tools, including 3D digital renderings and prototype

• Leading-edge 200 line screen surface or reverse printing on up to 10-color presses
• Coatings, including matte finishes, applied in-line
• Solvent-based inks for enhanced gloss and appeal
• Color consistency monitored using X-rite spectrophotometer
• Printing on multiple substrates such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyester
• Lean and continuous improvement methodologies employed for process control

• Fastest and widest digital press on the market—Hewlett-Packard 30” Indigo 20000
• HD quality and resolution, up to 225-line screen
• No dot gain, prints vignettes from 100% to 0%
• Perfect registration, no plates and minimal waste
• 7-color extended gamut and spot color capabilities
• Economical short run, customized, or personalized packaging

• Wide variety of adhesive laminations and coatings
• Ability to laminate up to 3-ply structures using solventless or water-based technology
• High barrier structures
• Registering of coat finishes and anti-fog to enhance package clarity
• Cold-seal capable for candy and confectionary products

• Laser and hot-needle perforation capabilities for breathability and easy opening
• Cross-promotional label application (IRCs) on pre-made bags
• Inno-lok® zipper application for roll stock

• Largest converting facility
• 28 high-speed bag lines
• Stand-up pouches for high shelf impact and convenience
• Unique closure applications including dual track, Velcro®, and 360-degree zippers
• Pouch additions such as hang holes, tear notches, laser scoring, and carry handles

• Team led by polymer scientists and an industrial engineer with years of film development work
• Reverse engineering of films and applications
• Exploration of new frontiers including “smart packaging,” which can digitally interact with consumers
• Problem-solving research capabilities and diagnostics
• Engineers with a deep understanding of packaging machinery and the ability to help customers troubleshoot on the fly.

• Laboratory led by an industrial engineer
• State-of-the-art technical equipment
• Certificate of Compliance documents provided
• Incoming material inspections and in-line process and material checks conducted using statistical process control

• Introduced the first compostable packaging in the produce industry
• Biodegradable packaging options, including plant-based materials
• Constant testing of biopolymers
• Fully recyclable packaging, including stand-up pouches
• Green thinking enables customers to cut their carbon footprint through right-sizing packages or replacing cans or glass with stand-up pouches