Wendy – Ms. Peng

Packaging Expert & Solution Provider

Flexible Packaging is a simple business in most people’s eyes, but apparently, it is more complicated when you step into it, you always need to ready for meet more “situations” than “smooth go”. A simple consideration in the very beginning may influence the whole chain of product sales present to the whole market.

“120% quality assurance in products, always offer profound and powerful problem-killing solutions, make your concerns become our promises to keep.”

Our whole technical team has been working in the Flexible Packaging industry for over 20 years, and I have been in this industry for 11 years, both in market front and products developing, let’s work out some fantastic packaging to booming your business.

Team Members


Hola - Ms. Zuo


Email: hola@lt-packaging.com


Wendy - Ms. Peng

BD Director

Email: wendy02@lt-packaging.com


Kenny - Mr. Peng

BD Director

Email: kenny@lt-packaging.com


Jack- Mr. Yang

Chief Designer & Program Planner

Email: jack@lt-packaging.com


We welcome customer visit our plant to have more confidence in our production and quality control; Now our factory has a 3-floor building around 11000 square meters with more than 60 experienced workers.