Digital Printing Pouch

Digital Printing Pouch Specifications:

Name: Digital Printing Pouch

Material: PET/NY/LLDPE



MOQ 200 Pcs
Size 50*70mm(Min)    350*600mm(Max)
Thickness 50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
Function Punch Hole, Handle, Metallized
Printing D-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
Products Normal Material Use
Industry Products Use
Dry food Snack bars, Nuts, Cookies, Biscuits, Macaron, Sandwich cake
Inflatable food Potato chips, Potato crisps, Snack chips, Fried chips, Fried chicken bar
Confectionery Jawbreaker, Gummy, Hard Candy, Lollipop, Chocolate bar, Gum, Rainbow Candy, Sandwich candy, Fruit powder sugar
Others Noodles, Frozen dumplings, Pizza, Spices, Seafood

Digital Printing Pouch

Digital printing machine is designed and produced to solve the problem of small batch and customized printing. In the flexible packaging industry, all types of packaging bags and roll films can be completed by digital printingincluding the following kinds of packaging bags:


Flexible packaging roll films

Fin seal pouch & bag

3 side seal pouch & bag

Gusset pouch & bag

Stand up bag & pouch

Shaped bag & pouch

Spout pouch & bag

Flat bottom bag & pouch

LIBOPACK has HP 20000 digital printing press, which can print plastic, paper and other materials, with a daily output of 50000-80000pcs.

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Different kind of styles pouch for choice :Stand up pouch with zipper  /Quad seal Pouch with value /Middle seal Pouch/Auto-Packaging plastic roll film/Kraft paper aluminum foil pouch etc .

Digital printing packaging bag-frequently asked question you care about:

1、what is digital printing ?

Digital printing machine, also known as universal flat-panel printer or flat-panel printer, has broken through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and realized the real sense of a single start, no plate making, full-color image completed at one time. It is the replacement product of traditional printing machine.

2、What is the digital printing machine type of LIBOPACK company?

The digital printer used by LIBOPACK is the HP20000.

3、The application of digital printing in flexible packaging?

In the flexible packaging industry, digital printing can print all kinds of plastic and paper, and can produce all kinds of packaging bags and roll film.

4、 Ink used in digital printing

Digital printing uses electronic ink, which is eco-friendly.

5、How many colors can digital printing?

Digital printing can up to 24 colors .

6、Do you need to make copper-plate for digital printing?

Don’t need. It can save a lot of money for you.

7. What is the production process of digital printing?

The original design files (AI, PDF) of the product are stored in the computer – printed directly by digital printing machine – and then into the traditional production process, made into packaging bags or roll film.

8.The qualified rate of finished products of digital printing?

100% pass rate.

9.The delivery date of digital printing?

Within 5-7 days

10.Advantages of digital printing:

10.1. It is often used in exhibitions for new product promotion and brand publicity.

10.2. Suitable for small batch and customized products and gifts.

10.3. One bag/ One pattern, with prominent personalization, to encourage consumer participation.

10.4. No need to make copper plate, save time and money.

10.5. Fast delivery.

10.6. Reduce inventory pressure and adjust product structure in time according to market situation.

11.Comparison between digital printing and traditional gravure printing.

12.How can digital printing be combined with traditional gravure printing?

In the flexible packaging industry, the only difference between digital printing and traditional gravure printing is print. Digital printing saves time because there is no need to confirm manuscript, make copperplate, proofread color and print sample. And the next lamination and bag making process is exactly the same.

When the order quantity of digital printing increases and a single product needs a large number of packaging bags or roll films, the traditional gravure printing method is needed to save the cost.

In the society of commodity economy, a large number of various commodities are produced. In the process of commodity circulation, a large number of different kinds of packaging are used. For example, transportation packaging, sales packaging and so on. In this sense, without packaging, there will be no goods.

The rational use of packaging not only creates huge profits for producers, but also brings more benefits to consumers.

For example, rice is packed with high barrier plastic film, and the shelf life is increased from about one month in bulk packed to more than one year.

With high barrier properties materials made into exquisite packaging bags, coffee— the delicious drink, can travel across the ocean to China, allowing Chinese consumers to taste delicious drinks other than tea.

Chapter 1.Digital Printing Pouch


Since the 1980s, packaging has become an indispensable part of people’s life. Many countries began to add management to the packaging industry. More and more designers began to realize the importance of packaging design to environmental protection. People began to put forward the topic of recycling.

Nowadays, packaging design pays more attention to the performance of corporate image, and brand image is further emphasized in packaging. At the same time, under the influence of environmental protection, the concept of packaging is “natural, primitive and healthy” as the mainstream, and the external image of packaging is welcomed by the society with “lightweight and small volume”.

Here, we have discussed flat bottom bags, from materials to processing, from the shape of packaging bags to various details. We have described them in detail one by one. I believe you also know about LIBOPACK. Let’s determine what you are most concerned about? That’s the cost, right?

We always firmly believe that we have the advantage of cost, because

  1. Purchasing cost advantage of raw materials
  2. The advantages of processing equipment let us reduce wastageand lower production costs.
  3. Fine management level ensures the qualified rate of products.

Of course, if you still don’t believe it, you might as well have a try. Welcome to call or send e-mail, let’s discuss a topic – price price and price.

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Professional production: Auto-packaging Plastic film ,Compound packing bag, Plastic roll film, Kraft paper Pouch,Vacuum bag, Aluminum foil bag, Spout pouch and  Shape bag etc.

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Digital printing fin seal pouch & bag for food

Digital printing fin seal pouch/bag for food , It is often used to show different tastes of food to customers during food fairs.

Because it is only used in the exhibition, the number of packaging bags needed is small and the variety is large. If the traditional gravure printing method is used, the cost is very high, and the digital printing perfectly solves this problem.

Digital printing fin seal kraft paper bag

Digital printing fin seal kraft paper bad is perfectly shows the ideal effect of digital printing machine on paper. Traditional printing can’t complete so many colors on paper.

Digital printing 3 side seal rice paper bag

Digital printing 3 side seal rice paper bag ,It is often used to package candy, snacks, cakes, etc. the special electronic ink of digital printing machine can achieve the ideal printing effect on paper. You can put new products with different tastes and different packaging styles to the market at the same time, so that consumers can choose their own personalized products.

Digital printing 3 side seal bag for food

Digital printing 3 side seal bag for food , It can perfectly make the same product have different packaging. We often encounter such a problem: we are ready to launch a new product to the market, but we don’t know which flavor of the product will be loved by consumers. If we follow the traditional packaging concept that every flavor of the product has to be mass produced, it will inevitably lead to overstocking, And digital printing just meets your needs of small batch and customization.

Digital printing flexible packaging film

Digital printing flexible packaging film , It has also been widely used in automatic packaging machine, for example, using traditional printing machine to produce roll film, the minimum order quantity is 200kg. And the minimum requirement of digital printing machine is 200 small bags. At the same time, we can connect the roll film of each variety together. You only need to change the material (content), and you don’t need to stop the machine to change the roll film.

Digital printing flexible packaging film for food

Digital printing flexible packaging film for food, in the automatic packaging machine also has the perfect performance, you only need different flavors of materials ready, it is possible to achieve continuous production.

Digital printing stand up food bag

Digital printing stand up food bag can make the pattern on each package different. One bag /One pattern. You can produce according to the quantity of your need and reduce inventory.

Digital printing stand up bag for food

When digital printing stand up bags are displayed on shelves for promotion, they often attract the attention of consumers at the first time. They present one bag/one pattern, one bag/one taste and meet the personalized needs of consumers.

Digital printing stand up food bag

Digital printing stand up food bag is presents the special flavor of different foods to consumers. This kind of digital printed packaging bag virtually increases the ability of communication between products and consumers, and helps manufacturers to quickly understand the market.

Digital printing stand up fruit bag

Digital printing stand up fruit bag can help you understand consumers’ tastes and preferences, and you only need to invest a small amount of cost to get these valuable information, because digital printing does not need to make your copper plate, and the delivery time is within 5-7 days.

Digital printing stand up bag for food

Digital printing stand up bag is easier to help the brand owner to transmit product information to the market and stimulate the participation of consumers, because these digital printing bags show all the information to consumers in the limited time and space, achieving the effect of less investment but quick benefits .

Digital printing aluminized stand up bag

Digital printing aluminized stand up bag not only has all the functions of the stand up bag, but also has the effect of digital printing. At the same time, this kind of packaging bag can be customized on demand to save cost.

Digital printing stand up chocolate bag

If the traditional gravure printing method is used for the three chocolate stand up packaging bags in the figure above, the cost of copper plate will be more than or equal to $2400. If the digital printing method is used, there is no need to make copper plate, and the delivery time is guaranteed to be 5-7 days.

Digital printing stand up bag for snacks

Digital printing stand up bag for snacks is to help brand owner to promote new products, understand the market demand, let consumers choose the right taste according to their personal preferences, and create opportunities to contact with consumers.

Stand up food bag with digital printing

When you have more variety and less quantity of products, please choose digital printing packaging;

When your copper plate cost is high, please choose digital printing packaging;

When you have many kinds of products and want to deliver them at the same time within 5-7 days, please choose digital printing packaging;

When you want to display multiple products at the same time, please choose digital printing stand up bag.

Digital printing stand up window bag

It is often used to package food, tea, candy and etc. In the limited shelf space, each bag has a pattern, and each pattern represents a different product. When they are displayed on the shelf at the same time, consumers are often deeply attracted by their personalized appearance.

Digital printing flat bottom for pet food

The reason why it adopts digital printing technology is to understand the sales situation of new products in the market under the condition of cost saving, so as to adjust the product structure in time. If you need to order a large number of packaging bags, we can also choose the traditional gravure printing.

Digital printing Quad seal pouch for food

Quad seal pouch has a perfect display effect, with digital printing technology can meet small batch orders, cost saving, fast delivery, really does — with the least money to do the most things.

Digital printing Quad seal bag for promotion

The packaging bag made of digital printing is often used for brand promotion and product promotion, to transmit product information to consumers, stimulate consumer participation, at the same time, the bag superior shelf display effect, the product information to consumers for in all directions communication.

Digital printing quad seal pouch for marketing

Digital printing can achieve — a packaging bag with a pattern, a pattern on behalf of a product, less investment, low cost, quick benefits, is your best choice to understand the market and marketing.

Digital printed quad seal bag for promotion

The color of digital printing can reach 24 +, using electronic ink, which is more environmentally friendly than traditional ink, more bright color, and the pattern can be changed at any time.

Flat bottom bag with digital printing

As long as the shape, material structure, size and thickness of the packaging bags are the same, and digital printing is used, the words and patterns on each packaging bag can be different, so that your products have absolute advantages.

Digital printing stand up spout bag

Digital printing can help you solve the problem when you are worried about paying a huge amount of copperplate fee to promote a series of products. In LIBOPACK, no copperplate cost, 200pcs start , within 5-7 days delivery, and guarantee that no matter how many kinds of products, we have to be able to one-time delivery.

Stand up spout pouch with digital printing

Bright colors and cute cartoon images are effective ways to attract children’s attention. Of course, due to the diversification of products, the cost of copperplate is too high and the delivery time is too long. Please don’t worry. Digital printing can ensure on-time delivery, and you don’t need to make copperplate, so as to save costs.

Stand up spout bag with digital printing

If you are a start-up company, or you are going to launch a series of new products to understand the market acceptance, so as to adjust your product structure in time, digital printing is undoubtedly a good choice for you.

Spout stand up pouch with digital printing

The promotion of products and the recognition of consumers are inseparable from the packaging design, which requires bright colors, ingenious and diversified ideas, which is bound to bring great difficulties to the traditional gravure printing, but with the use of the latest technology of digital printing, this difficulty will be perfectly solved.

Digital printing stand up spout pouch for juice

This is a very attractive combination of packaging, when they are placed on the shelf, it will undoubtedly attract consumers’ attention deeply, because they show different tastes, different colors, and encourage consumers to participate – all thanks to the advantages of digital printing, you will not need to consider the cost.

Digital printing stand up spout pouch for baby food

This is a combination set for home . Because the baby’s taste choices are diversified, and the nutrition of different jam is also different, it is necessary to show the product information on the packaging bag. By using digital printing technology, you can produce according to the quantity you need, avoid product accumulation, and adjust the product structure in time.

Spout stand up bag with digital printing for fruit jam

One bag /One pattern is the obvious advantage of digital printing technology. You can customize and produce in small quantities according to your needs. You don’t have to worry about overstocking in the promotion of new products.

Digital printing stand up shaped bag

Digital printing perfectly achieves one bag /one pattern. The unique and attractive appearance of packaging can attract consumers’ attention in shelf display and product promotion at the first time, and make people have a desire to buy products with every taste.

Digital printing outdoor sports water bag

The advantages of digital printing technology, as long as the packaging products are the same, the printed content on the packaging can be continuously changed into different forms, and never repeated, and can be produced according to the quantity you need, reducing inventory pressure.

Water bag for outdoor sports with digital printed

Water bag is a must for outdoor sports.

The same product, different packaging bags, digital printing technology changed the traditional business philosophy, presenting innovative products, rather than the innovation of the product itself.

Customized digital printing water bag

Customized digital printing water bag , Customized personalized patterns, and can be produced according to the quantity you need, digital printing technology can make your creativity easy to showing .

Customized digital printing water bag for outdoor sport

Customized products have become the fashion pursuit of the young generation of consumers, among which the digital printing packaging bags are also loved by more and more consumers, customized, one bag/one pattern, small batch, 5-7 days delivery.

Customized digital printing water bag for travel

Personalized design is to encourage consumers to participate in sales activities, so that brand owner can quickly understand the market, digital printing packaging bags can perfectly present a never repeated design.