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Food Packaging—Product Packaging For The Food Industry

Food Packaging

Food Packaging—-Great packaging tells your customers about your product, Your brand and what you stand for? And is a must for anyone producing physical goods for the consumer marketplace.

You must get creative with your packaging design to portray the right message to the right people,And you need to attract your target market and get them excited to buy your product. When it comes to packaging food, there are many factors to take into consideration for a successful product.

Know Your Product

You know what food products you are selling, but do you know them well enough? You’ve got to know your product in-and-out, Especially when it comes to how you package it.

  • Do you know every ingredient and sub-ingredient of your food product?
  • What kind of preservatives are absolutely needed, And to limit these, It can a packaging material .
  • Or packaging material additive do the job of preserving without the need for the preservative?
  • Are there any allergens you need to warn people about? There are many more allergens we are aware of today compared to even one decade ago,
  • So understanding what allergens are in your foods that could cause harm to the consumer is of utmost importance.

Food safety has been a growing concern of the general population as well as with regulators. With the signing of the Food Safety Modernization Act in 2011,

There has never been a greater emphasis on minimizing or eliminating chances for food contamination.

You should know what you are required to list on your packaging including nutritional information, dates, And ingredients and the minimum sizes and types of font required for these important pieces of information. The FDA recently began updating the nutrition labeling guidelines for the first time in 20 years.

Though mandatory compliance with the new labeling guidelines isn’t going to come into effect until January 2020,

It’s important to be aware and clear on what you will be required to have on your packaging and labeling before you bring new foods to market.

Don’t forget to save this date to bring your current food products up to compliance by then. If you aren’t confident in your labeling compliance, finding a food labeling consultant is never a bad idea.


Product packaging in the food industry is unique because it must allow the contents inside to stay fresh and safe for consumption even after long hours in transit between manufacturer and distribution center,

And then to the retailer, and in the consumers hand with some extra time to consume! Because of this, certain products require specific types of packaging materials that protect them against the elements and handling. Frozen foods, dry grocery items and perishables all require different types of packaging materials that will maintain product freshness.

Don’t forget to select a material that can withstand any potential contaminants that the item may be exposed to throughout its lifecycle.

Food Packaing –Different barrier materials in flexible film packaging can impact the overall look of your packaging and different barriers work better with specific types of film but will not work together nicely with other films.

Different additives will also provide specific properties to benefit the look and freshness of your product. Fresh foods like meats and produce for example will often require an anti-fog additive to prevent fogging and humidity from diminishing visibility through the packaging to see the food contained.

Unless you know exactly what you need and the options available to you, work with a packaging professional to help you select the best materials for your specific food items. They will have a solid idea of which combinations work best for each type of food and can help maintain your product’s’ shelf life longer.

Different Kind Of Food Packaging for Choice.

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Flat Bottom Bags

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Shaped Spout Pouch

Stand Up Pouch

Aluminum Foil Coffee Pouch and different kind of  Pets Food Bags.

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